Together We Create Wonder.

With the plant at the heart of all we do, our vision for the future is to be a force for good and to bring lasting positive change to our communities, our industry & our world.

We Craft Remarkable Experiences.

We serve our customers best by learning who they are, why they use cannabis, and what we can do to elevate their experience through our products and services. This deeper understanding gives way to invaluable insight and drives our product innovation, our unique approach to retail, and how we create better relationships in the communities we serve.

We foster an ecosystem of knowledge.

We value lifelong learning & believe that maintaining curiosity is the key to growth and progress. We are committed to evolving ourselves intellectually & pursuing the path of wellness for ourselves & our communities. We’re here to listen and create, to share our knowledge and reshape the narrative for the cannabis consumer. We deliver guidance through expertise & enthusiasm, but more importantly through a deeper understanding of the needs & desires of our consumers.

We believe in the plant.

Our unparalleled quality begins with exceptional genetics identified by our team of masterful cultivators. As true artisans of their craft, they are deeply connected to the cannabis plant and pride themselves on their meticulous handling and stewardship of the cultivation process. The attention and dedication invested alongside utilizing the very best cutting edge technology is what takes our flower from excellent to extraordinary.

Meet Our People

Our diverse team of experts are passionate about wellness and cultivating excellence.

A note from our founder

“Our journey to be a force for good starts with our belief in the power and potential of the plant. One that connects and inspires us all to create an environment in which we can all flourish, one where every individual can find their genius and pursue their passion, because it’s this dedication to creating a culture of excellence that propels us forward. Join us as we create wonder together.”

—Jonathan Sandelman

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Leaders in Cultivation & Extraction

Our team of cultivation and extraction artists are true masters of their craft. From procuring and cloning unique genetics to utilizing advanced extraction techniques, creative innovation is at the forefront of all we do when it comes to the plant.

Leaders in Retail & Consumer Experience

People are at the heart of our retail team. The most valuable thing we grow are meaningful relationships with every community member and customer that walks through our doors. We invest time in developing a deep understanding of our diverse audience so we can deliver a consistent remarkable experience from seed to sale.

Leaders in Wholesale

Our Wholesale team ensure our portfolio of brands reaches a highly targeted audience by developing a personalized strategy for each of our product lines. They continually search for innovative new ways to approach the shifting retail landscape and utilize their extensive knowledge of the industry to broaden our approach to every element of wholesale, from packaging to e-commerce.

Leaders in Social Purpose & Sustainability

In true AYR fashion, the pursuit to evolve is an eternal part of our DNA and our approach to social responsibility and sustainability is a prime example of this. Our social purpose team are champions of the positive impact cannabis can have on our communities and lead us on our journey to become a force for good.