A force for good in the communities we serve.​

The road to building a better world starts with small, but purposeful actions. In true Ayr Wellness fashion, the pursuit of meaningful impact on communities is an integral part of our DNA.

Our longstanding goal is to be the largest cultivator of high-quality cannabis in the United States. This mission is underpinned by the recognition that, in order to operate at scale, we must be mindful of the impact that we have on the communities in which we operate, the environment, the people we serve, and the members of our team.

Dedication to our communities

Hyperlocal partnerships centered around community service

We strive to make a difference in our local communities, and recognize that our employees are crucial to effecting that change.

In that spirit, we partner with organizations across our markets to support local causes and combat a variety of the most pressing issues for their respective communities. The possibilities are endless, and we continue to identify opportunities where the Ayr family can help make a difference.

Social equity & justice

Expungement events & restorative initiatives targeting the War on Drugs

As the cannabis industry matures and the plant continues to enter the mainstream, we recognize that it is our responsibility to give back to and empower the communities most affected by the War on Drugs.

Our ‘Changing Legacies’ flagship program seeks to provide groups who have been disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs with access to tools that can help rebuild the lives of members of these communities, such as legal services related to the cannabis criminal record expungement process. We host a variety of expungement events across the country, and work in tandem with dedicated community organizations who focus on expungement services and combatting recidivism.

National spotlight campaigns

Multi-state, large-scale initiatives & needs-based programming

Across the country, our campaign philosophy is simple: make it impactful.

Our 12 Days of Giving annual holiday donation drive is an example of one opportunity to give back to marginalized groups. Our Florida, Massachusetts, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada retail markets teamed up with local charities in their respective markets to donate items and cash to families in need during the holiday season.

Seeds to success

Education, professional development & acceleration opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs

Inclusivity is key to fostering a dynamic cannabis industry. Our Seeds to Success program aims to empower underrepresented communities, build business leaders and bring diverse individuals into the regulated cannabis industry.

By focusing on bridging the gap for minority communities, our efforts span job fairs, educational services, accelerator programs and other resources for people breaking into the industry to ensure industry success.